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Irvine WelshIrvine Welsh"From the Windy City"The Guardian, April 2003
Amos OzAmos Oz"Living in the Shadow of Death"Právo, March 2003
William S. BurroughsWilliam S. Burroughs
Brion Gysin
"Port of Entry"Paris, 1960
Nikos Panayotopoulos and Petros TatsopoulosNikos Panayotopoulos
Petros Tatsopoulos
"When the Music's Over"Athens, November 2002
Robert MenasseRobert Menasse"Billiards at Half-Past Nine"Vienna, October 2002
Michael MarchMichael March"There are plenty of motivations
 to justify the destruction of this
Právo, April 2002
Homero AridjisHomero Aridjis"My ambition is not to become
 president: that is too pedestrian
 for me."
Právo, April 2002
John CalderJohn Calder"Our time has run out of control:
 we are going to have mindless
Právo, April 2002
Arthur MillerArthur Miller"1st March 2001"Právo, duben 2002
Arthur MillerArthur Miller"From Here to Eternity"HN, November 2001
Gore VidalGore Vidal"I'm the perfect example of
 censorship in USA"
Právo, April 2001

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