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Festival 2003 news  

Press report No. 11 16.3.2003
Greetings from Mexico (A letter from Homero Aridjis)
Homero Aridjis The Prague Writers´ Festival is unique among international literary festivals in its unfailingly original mix of participants and stimulating readings and conversations. Bringing a small but select group of writers to Prague each year on a limited budget is quite a feat, and the festival's organizers always seem able to attract authors who are interesting to each other and to the audience. Over the years the Prague Writers´ Festival has become a mirror of contemporary world literature, and I can only wish it a long life and all success.

Homero Aridjis
International PEN

Press report No. 15 28.4.2003
Radio Prague informed about PWF
Radio Prague informed about PWF Prague Writers' Festival hits peak with readings by Jeffrey Eugenides, Irvine Welsh (© 2003 Jan Velinger, Radio Prague). Read article (in English).

Press report No. 16 5.5.2003
Absinth helps make sense of crazy world
Absinthe helps make sense of a crazy world The Daily Telegraph 'From America' column by Irvine Welsh.(© 2003 Irvine Welsh, Read article (in English).

Press report No. 10 17.2.2003
Festival publications in english and czech
Summary of publications of PWF Festival publications in english and czech (annotation, author, ISBN, publisher and more). Full list is available in Czech only.

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